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My OSWE experience

17 Jul 2020
I’ve had my eyes in the AWAE course for several months, and initially thought it would be too difficult for me to do this year. But then I just decided to give it a try! Note: This blog post is very low quality compared to the one I wrote about...

My OSWP experience

23 Mar 2020
After I started looking at OSCP, I also noticed OSWP - which seemed like a much shorter, and simpler, course. I knew it was old, but it was still interesting enough that I wanted to give it a go. My advice Pre-WiFu advice Make sure to purchase the correct equipment....

My OSCP experience

06 Mar 2020
I hadn’t even heard about OSCP until I noticed that a colleague had taken it early in 2019. So I decided that I want to do the same. Fast forward to November 2019, and I decided it was time to do it. So I did. I want to share a...

Using VS Code for note taking

28 Feb 2020
During my PWK (Penetration Testing with Kali Linux) course and lab time, I used VS Code extensively to write my own research notes. I used Joplin for enumeration and attack notes. VS Code combined with Markdown and git (and GitHub, Gitlab etc) make up a very powerful note tool. Below...